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Peter Chung

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tribute Video

Mary and I recently filmed the wedding of Teresa and Greg Stoffel.

Less than two months after their wedding, Teresa's family was notified by doctors that her father, James, was terminally ill and that it would be a long, drawn out process. They had Hospice come in but he suddenly passed away the next day.

Teresa let me know what was going on and was eager to receive her wedding film because it was the last time her father was photographed and filmed.

So we put together a tribute video in honor of Teresa's father with the footage we took on her wedding.

"Thanks Peter. My father's name was James Ira Moore. His birthday was December 2, 1935 and his date of passing was June 21, 2006. He dealt with diabetes for 40 years. He traveled a lot when I was a kid to make a better life for my sister and I. In later life, he and I became best friends and he was always my sounding board. He helped me make some important decisions in my life and I will be eternally grateful. I loved him very much. Thanks for taking time to do a great job." -Teresa

Here is the email Teresa sent me after she and Greg watched the video:

"Thank you doesn't seem like enough. Greg and I just watched the video and really appreciate your sensitivity and care in producing this.
We were very touched. That was beautiful... Thanks again!"
- Teresa and Greg


Lloyd said...

That was a very moving video... You did a great job and I am sure he will be sorely missed. He sounds like a great guy. ++

mark eric said...

Wow- very moving. You are very talented. Great eye for detail and capturing defining moments. Keep up the gret work ++

Chris+Lynn said...

Very poignant and thoughtful. You have created something that will be cherished for generations. What a gift to share.

Becky Waurio said...

I really loved the emotion in this video. I am sure they will treasure it forever. What a wonderful gift to be able to give to them. ++ Becky

Kairos Moment Wedding Films said...

Thanks, guys!

I hope that you were blessed.

Tom said...

Its amazing....very moving video.
its well deserved! keep up the good work!
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