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Peter Chung

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sharon and Dan Yim's Wedding Film Trailer

Sharon and Dan had a beautiful wedding in Glenview, IL. Despite the forecast for rain, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and made for some awesome photo opportunities outside!

Of course, Kairos Moment Wedding Films was there to capture all of the action!

Sharon's father was very sad to give his daughter away but was very comforted to know that he was not losing a daughter but was gaining a son.


Bruce said...

Awesome trailer!! Love how well you set the timings ... the transitions with the flow of the music. The intro shots are very cools, and then the lead in to the couple joining together by the water is excellent. Nice work! I'm sure the couple will be anxious to see the full piece after this great tease. ++

Bruce Erik Steffine

McCrystal Image Photography said...

Wow. I have to agree. Awesome trailer. I really want to see more. The cinematic approach to the intro was beautiful. great use of motion and music to tell the story and set the tone for the rest of the video.

Have an awesome day!!


mark eric said...

Great work as usual- can't wait to see the finished product. You captured a magical moment when they saw each other for the 1st time. Your camera work is so smooth- you have a true talent.

Kairos Moment Wedding Films said...

Thanks, guys!

Bruce, that shot by the water was also one of my favorite shots! It displays an awesome grandeur and yet an intimate moment between Sharon and Dan..

Michael, thank you for the kind words. The fact that you want to see more means that the trailer has served its purpose :)

Mark, thank you so much. I love your work as well and appreciate your efforts to increase awareness of "Trashing the Dress." I hope to find a bride who would be willing to trash their dress as it makes for some dramatic images!

Thank you all for watching and commenting!

Lloyd said...

that was some beautiful camera work. I agree the shots by the water are just plain awesome! Creates quite a dramatic effect. Great stuff! ++

Terry Thompson said...

Very nice trailer...Now we want to see the rest of the movie!

Great job on the stabilizer. Your work has a flair to it and is a credit to wedding videography. It shows why you guys (and gals) are worth the big bucks.

LaceyG said...

Wow, that was cool. I've never seen one of these before. Really great choice of music, very cinematic. I enjoyed the expressions on the bride's fathers' face.

Great job!+++

Tom said...

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