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Thursday, November 16, 2006

We are featured in the Bride's Guide!

A little while ago, Kairos Moment Wedding Films was approached by Tim Schulte, an editor of Content That Works, a newspaper syndicate based in Chicago. He was putting together an article for their Bride's Guide publication on the use of iPods at weddings and was interested in our service offering.

With the latest iPods capable of playing video, we can port your wedding film to your video iPod or we can order one for both you and your spouse with custom engravings so that you can tote your wedding film anywhere and show all your friends without having to invite them all over to your place! How convenient, eh?

Anyways, Tim ended up giving us a call for an interview to learn more about our services and also used one of our photos in his article to show off our iPod! How cool is that?

According to their website, Content That Works has licensing agreements with more than 200 newspapers in the United States and Canada. Combined, these newspapers reach more than 12 million households so that should get us some exposure ;)

If you'd like to read Tim's article, just click on the image below.


Jill Higgins said...

That is so awesome - way to go!
:) ++

Julie Walton Shaver said...

That's so cool! Congratulations!

Candy's Photography said...

That is indeed wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!!

Tom said...

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