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Peter Chung

Friday, April 13, 2007

An Atypical Wedding Videographer: Ron Dawson

On a positive note, Ron Dawson of Cinematic Studios was featured in the NorthBay biz magazine, a regional magazine that covers business news in the Marin, Sonoma, and Napa county areas in Northern California.

Ron is a great friend and source of inspiration for me. He has taken great strides in debunking the notion of the typical wedding video: "shot like a home movie and lasting about two hours, detailing every (let’s face it) boring detail of the day and only appreciated by the bride and groom (but that every friend and family member is obligated to sit through while trying not to yawn)."

"One reason people don’t get wedding videos is because all the ones they’ve seen are bad—they’re either cheesy, long and boring or they look bad."

"Whereas most wedding videos were 90 minutes to two hours—something you’d probably fast-forward through most of the time—I made wedding videos that tended to be closer to a half-hour, condensed the day and felt more like a movie.”

Ron has changed many a bride's perspective on wedding video. Kairos Moment Wedding Films is continuing to do that, too.

Every human being wants to make an impact on others' lives. With every wedding film we produce, I am so thankful that we get to help couples relive the emotions of the day in ways that can't be recreated otherwise.

Anyways, here's the article. NorthBay biz: This is Your Life

Here's an excerpt:

"...'there are so many things on your wedding day that are going to be gone—all the money you spent on the food and drinks, the flowers, the dress…. There are only a few things you’re going to spend money on for your wedding that are going to last beyond the actual day—the photography, the rings and the wedding video.'

"That perception, however, of the wedding video being an 'extra' if the budget allows, is changing. Today’s engaged couples are more multimedia savvy and know they want a unique product that’s a true reflection of their personalities, personal backgrounds and styles. As Cindy Yun puts it, 'I appreciate video format much more than just looking at pictures—you can definitely relate to the emotions of the day and how you felt about each other.'

"Dawson relates it to the way photographs were perceived 100 years ago.

"'As the younger generation, which grew up on videos and TV, grows up and starts getting married, getting videos will be as important to them as getting photographs,' says Dawson. 'When photographers started in the wedding business, they went through some of the same trials and tribulations that videographers are going through now. Getting a portrait—a painting—was the big thing then, because it was real, there was texture. Taking a photograph was the new thing to do. In the early days, there were only a few photos taken. Now couples are having thousands of photos taken and the photographer is one of the most important parts of the wedding.'

"Dawson believes that as more people realize the value of being able to relive your wedding day in a multimedia form, the more wedding videos will become a necessity, not just an optional expense. His clients tend to agree.

“'He was on the pricier side, and we’d considered that,' admits Yun. 'But I think in the end, he was way above and beyond what we paid for....'"

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Ron Dawson said...

Thanks for the mention Peter. Keep up the great work.

Bumatay said...

Thanks for sharing Peter. This reminded me that I wanted to get in touch with Ron after seeing his good work at WPPI (Gene's video).

Bravo, Ron!