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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bridal Elegance Glamour Video

Didn't get enough photos of you in your wedding dress?

Do you love how you feel when you put your dress on? The way it moves? The way it swishes side to side? The way it seems to take you to another place?

Let's face it. Photos just don't do your dress enough justice...

Remember how your dress felt and moved. Show off every detail of your wedding dress in your very own bridal glamour music video!

Contact Kairos Moment Wedding Films and spend a few hours with us to create an exquisite video like you've never seen before! You can pick locations that have special meaning to you or we can take you to some of our favorite spots around Kansas City. You just do your thing and have fun!... and we will capture you looking your best!


Julia Cvar said...

Mary, you look so cute!!! love you! Julia jeh

Jillian Kay said...

oh how beautiful!

i love how elegant and flowing the video is, it will be such a wonderful momento in 10, 25, 50 years when they can show their grandkids how beautiful she was on her wedding day!

Julie Walton Shaver said...

What a great idea! A new take on the bridal session. I love it. That would be cool to combine your session with also having a photographer there to shoot the stills. If I were the bride, I'd love to have shots of the camera crew stalking me. Ok, that didn't come out right, but you know what I mean. Great work!

Lisa said...

Really cool bridal session idea-
It must be fun to edit the session-
good work

Jill Higgins said...

Oh - how much fun!! I think it's great that people are coming up with ways for brides to really enjoy their dresses. :)

Lloyd said...

Hmmmm, that's a neat idea for sure. Looking forward to more of these posts. And wow, that DVD cover looks really good!

Lindsay said...

What a great idea... Who wouldn't want there own video staring that dress?
I hope you go far with that!!!

Tom said...

Lovely, such a pretty bride.
You look gorgeous :)
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