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Peter Chung

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Complete Wedding Film For Your Viewing Pleasure

For those of you interested in what a whole, complete wedding film looks like, Kairos Moment Wedding Films is posting a full cinematic wedding film for your viewing pleasure :)

Diane was a stunningly beautiful bride and you can tell that Diane and Richard are madly in love with each other! It's so great to see people who are unashamedly in love :)

Opening Credits
Introducing the bridal party... with STYLE!

Wedding Prep
Getting ready for the big day. Watch as Richard leaves a special message just for Diane!

Wedding Ceremony
Diane and Richard had a beautiful ceremony! One nice surprise during the ceremony was that they had a bell ringer ushering in the bride by announcing to everyone that, "The bride is coming! The bride is coming!"

Thanks to our small, discreet microphones, we were able to capture the vows clearly as well as some intimate moments as Richard gets ready to kiss his bride!

Diane and Richard's reception was a great example of what nice lighting during the reception can do for the final wedding film!

Partly due to the fantastic lighting (but mostly due to the great love that Richard and Diane share ;), our cameras were able to pick up and show you just how in love these two really are!

For those of you who are considering turning the lights down during your reception, I urge you to reconsider as you watch this clip. The mood is equally intimate, special, and appealing, and looks even better on film!

Another thing to look for... during the bouquet toss, watch as the colors from the flowers "spill" all over the place! :)

Congratulations, Richard & Diane!


Terry Thompson said...

When I sold Peter an Indicam PILOT (camera stabilizer) I had no idea what a great videographer he was.
I just watched the wedding he did and was extremely impressed by the great job he did. The video is clever, interesting, and "moving". (See the bouquet toss) His camera work, sound, and editing are excellent. It's always hard to get the wedding vows but Peter did.
This is one of the best wedding videos I have ever seen. Make sure you watch it!


Peter...Where were you when I was getting married?

Jillian Kay said...

beautiful work! i love the getting video, it's neat to see just what the emotions were leading up to the big moment. ++ :)

Ashley said...

Now that's some sweet editing! Particularly, the music and the shots in the opening credits -- builds on the emotions. Nice job. A++